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 AMP Electronics have been in Hertford since 2003 and have a wide and deep range of experience with modern vehicle electrical systems. We use some of the most up to date electronic diagnostic equipment but first and foremost we use our eyes and ears, from listening to the customers description of the problem, to looking carefully at the vehicle for obvious and often overlooked simple causes of a problem.

There is a great reliance in the automotive repair sector on what everyone knows as the 'code read", where some sort of elecronic scanner is plugged in to a car, the fault memory of the car is read and a diagnosis is made solely based on this process. We see so many people who have had this done, replace an expensive part only to be no better off. This is where we make the difference, yes we carry out a "code read", but we are well aware that the "code" is often the concequence of the problem not the cause and that blindly following the "code" would result in the wrong part being replaced. This is where experience comes in.


As well as 30 odd years in the automotive electronics sector we also employ the services of vehicle manufacturers support departments and Autologic, who are one of the UK's leading aftermarket diagnostic equipment manufacturers. Our support options come from:

  • Autologic UK (offering main dealer level support for VW group, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Porsche)
  • Maxisys
  • DEC Automotive
  • General Motors (UK)
  • Volkswagen / Audi Group (UK)
  • Ford (UK)
  • BMW AG 

With our vast experience and coupled with the support services we use we rarely come across a problem we cannot remedy.